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"Design is life”. If you look around you will find that everything have a design, your clothes, your house, your car, your bed, etc. We are surrounded by it. Design is very important in our lives because it defines and defends our individuality. It also integrate societies, cultures, generations, space and time. Nature is the first example of how important is design in the world, the flowers, the threes, our bodies, our organs, our cells, we are design and we also need design to live. I just admire nature, I love the way it configures itself and creates life.

Design is my passion because  It's really impressive for me how men needed design to evolve, how they began making hunting tools and ended making airplanes, cars, space ships, etc. I just want to be part of the evolution of men and that's why I'm here, to share my dreams and projects. I hope you enjoy it but first let me introduce myself: My name is Diana Carolina Vergara Gómez, I'm 28 years old, I'm from México and I live in one of the most beautiful cities of America, Guadalajara. 

My passions are: architecture, music, movies, paint, books and photography. I don't have a favorite style; I just let myself go if a song, movie or book makes me feel something deep. I think we shouldn't close our mind to stereotypes and labels, we should be eclectic, and expand our creativity. That is the basis of my design dreams; I just want that every piece I design have a soul and a meaning, instead of a style. In the next pages I will tell you what styles I would like to mix, some of my favorite artist and designers and finally my biggest design dream. 


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